Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I know you are thinking,
of what this cannot be.
But I am thinking,
of what this could have been.

And herein lies the difference,
between you and me.
You don't get into what you can’t see,
And I believe in what can’t be seen.


Mahuya said...


I love the way you manage to put in so much in so few words.

Witness said...

Thx Mahuya:)it's always a relief when my poems get your approval:)

Mahuya said...

Awww ... you make me sound like the English Headmistress. I am in awe of your purple phrases. Sometimes I dont get the time to comment. More often than not, the huge fan following beats me to it. But its a given that I love everything you write.

Witness said...

Mahuya:*flattered again**blushing again*:):)

Anonymous said...

I still think about you :( call me