Friday, September 30, 2011


Somewhere a bond had snapped.
Some days you were gone.
Somewhere the clock ticked,
Some days I just looked on.

Sometimes I heard a knock.
Sometimes you were back.
Sometimes I suffered like a rock.
Sometimes I felt trapped.

Now you are here.
Now I feel I can't have enough of you.
Sometimes I look at the ticking clock.
But mostly I look at you.


Rupinder Singh said...

vadhiya !!

Mahuya said...

ha ha ... lovelorn! :)

I like it.

Witness said...


Witness said...

@Mahuya:the tag is well received and highly appreciated:)Thankyou!

Balkrum said...

what's the story behind the period separating every letter? Just wondering...i'm a great fan ;)

Witness said...

Thx Balkrum:)-nothing but let's say I like the pause and the anticipation that stems from it:)