Sunday, May 23, 2010


So you keep on eluding me,
Thinking I will walk on water for you.
So you succeeded in befuddling me,
And I am still a lonely trotter for you.
I have gone far and wide,
To find you.
I have almost put everything material,
Behind you.
And now tired from this endless chase,
I am taking off my shoes.
Unquenched I am still,
But I am shaking off my blues.
Now I shall not run after you mindlessly,
I am retreating to my solitary haunt silently.
You have the choice to walk in through my door,
And reveal yourself for once and all.
Or you can choose not to come,
And I would have gotten over you by the fall.

(Inspired by answers that did not come.)


Neel said...

cheers to "by the fall"


Witness said...

:)rite Neel.

Rupinder Singh said...

had to read it twice...!! :)

it feels like u have taken a very long road now.... for good.

Anonymous said...

The fall had better come sooner than the loser.

You- go girl!

SydaMonster said...
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SydaMonster said...

Beautiful, inspiring and even helpful to someone who can relate.

Witness said...

@FJR:hope so:)
@Sydamonster:glad u could connect:)

D2 said...

Moving on cannot be described better.
This is amazing.

Witness said...


YoungNovember said...

Just before I read this post, I was faced with unanswered questions aswel... and then I logged on, so that I could write about the numbing pain it makes me feel... but I camr here instead. And you've done it already! :)

Thank you for saying the things that I couldn't say tonight.

I hope you'v healed... and if you haven't, I hope you do soon

Witness said...

@YoungNovember:thx:)your words touched me to the core.I m on the way.

::Claudia:: said...

It's amazing how much I can relate to this... simply beautiful.

Witness said...


Mo said...


Witness said...


zubin said...

Seriously, the comment above said it all. Moving on cannot be described better. And "by the fall", so r we looking at another 2-3 months or what? :D

Witness said...

:)Thx Zubin.Yes its a season-though I dont know how long will it last:)