Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes you have to leave the daily grind,
And go far back,
To find the peace you left behind.
Sometimes you have to get down,
From the lofty thoughts in your head,
And cuddle those old toys in your bed.
Sometimes to find your space,
You have to retrace,
That old path down the memory lane.
Sometimes it's best to admit,
That though you did not think so ,
But it's always good to be home again.


Rupinder Singh said...

So am going back... to my retreat...!! soon !!

Rupinder Singh said...

PS: I like this Pic... !!

Witness said...

thx Romi:)

Neel said...

I totally agree with you Shweta.

love pic as well.

Witness said...

Yes Neel:)

Feeling Just Right said...

Home is bliss!

Witness said...

true fjr:)

Mo said...

Image and words a perfect match

Witness said...

thx Mo:)

YoungNovember said...

Sometimes home is the only place I feel safe enough to clear my mind. The scent and the familiarity of it all... I feel a little nostalgic. You really do inspire me.


Witness said...

@Young November:glad you like it:)

Vilhelm said...

Beautiful thoughts ... home is best.
An excellent day full of relaxation you want!

Witness said...

@Vilhelm:I could not agree less:)

zubin said...

Especially if home happens to be in a place like Dharamshala, and you happen to go in during the summers, it is :).
But yeah, over a period of time, I have realised that home, more than anything else, is the perfect retreat. And this captures it perfectly.
Btw, am still waiting for other of your forays into prose :) - in the blog I mean

Witness said...

Very true Zubin:)Thx!I shall come back:)