Sunday, December 13, 2009


All your words,
Worth their weight in gold.
All the times we spent together,
And grew old.
All those moments where I blindly trusted you,
And closed my eyes.
Thinking that's you in real,
And not some disguise.
All those doubts,
That I put to rest.
Thinking you would give me nothing else,
But only your best.
And you chose to walk away,
Without an inkling of remorse.
Putting my faith to test,
Leaving me clueless in a forest dense.
I thought you were my sunshine,
To stare the clouds of gloom away.
But you led me to my loss of innocence,
And I grow cold every day.

(For friends who chose to walk away-fondly remembered.)


Mahuya said...

Babe, the old make way for the new - and that is how life is enrichened. I am sure tomorrow you will thank the ones who walked away because they gave you the time to look for someone new!

Witness said...

Mahuya, with you on that one!

zubin said...

As there is a line from a REM song - "Its easier to leave than to be left behind" - and going through a pretty similar stage, the poem just about mirrors my thoughts :)

Witness said...

Could'nt agree more Zubin:)

AddA Couture said...

I don't know the author of this blog in person but what I've read so far makes me so thankful to all natural forces for the great creativity that builds this world! This one is my favourite since I survived something similar one week ago and I am still collecting the pieces of my heart! Congratulations on your art!