Thursday, November 19, 2009


Like a breath of fresh air,
You waltz into my life.
Incredibly sexy, incredibly smart,
Oh the games you play with my heart!
You dazzle me like a diva.
I feel like a retard.
How many depths do you have,
I am trying to know.
Every drink you down,
Gives you more glow.
Amazed at how you are you,
I am letting you in all through.
Maybe you are posing,
Maybe it's true.
But it's a secret I cannot contain,
Damn!I am in love again!

(Inspired by Something's gotta give!)


zubin said...

Awesome :D

Witness said...

Thx Zubin:)it was the effect of watchin Keanu Reeves after a long time:)

Richa said...

which movie?

Witness said...

Something's gotta give Rich:)