Thursday, August 27, 2009


Now that I am old,
And you are a bit bold,
Maybe we could take a chance.
All secrets told,
Nothing more to hold,
Maybe it's time for another dance.
Games we have played,
Hands we have been dealt,
All the special and mundane we have felt.
Riding on separate trains,
All through this while,
We have almost covered the same miles.
Been on the roller coaster rides,
Swayed by all and sundry tides,
Isn't it funny I have landed at your side?
So before we realize that time has flown by,
And shadows of doubt have covered the sky,
Do you want to give this thing called love another try?

(Inspired by 12:51-The Strokes.)


zubin said...

Do you manage to create poetry out of nething? Amazing.
Was reading through the entire blog, and its fantastic. But, dont you write prose??
And yet again, brilliant blog.

Witness said...

:)actually i always look out for something to write about;)thx...i do write prose for myself..not yet gotten to publishing like u:)