Tuesday, July 14, 2009

F.R.O.M. A. D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.

Shades of dark.
Shades of light.
You are on a roll.
I am holding my heart tight.
Some rainbows you display.
Some grays you hide.
Do I believe in your dark depths?
Do I lose myself in your light?
Trust versus disbelief.
The same old fight.
You may be ugly.
You may be an angel.
What do I do this time,
To get all things right?
Looking from a distance,
I feel you are nice.
When I come near you,
I feel I am playing dice.
So this time, I will not take a chance,
Remembering my bad run with fate.
Let this be a short sideline romance,
You shine through your palace; I will be at the gates.

(Inspired by Sunil's shot and Aditi's charm.)


Jayant said...


Sunil Chaudhry said...

wow Shwetlana .......it is wonderful and just a wonderful topic and matter and meter too. tha Gal in the pic. is amazing our own aditi. It was a shocking but a pleasant surprise tonight. you made to my heart oh my poetess ....thanks....Sunil

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Navneet said...

a lot said in a few words .... thoughtfull

Witness said...

Gud to know you all liked it:)

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