Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I. A.M. N.O.T. Y.O.U.R. B.A.B.Y.

I am not your baby.
The other one was maybe.
If you think buying me a beer,
Is going to get me near,
Little hearted Romeo,
For you I will shed a tear.
Maybe you should try to come clean,
Only then your heart will I glean.
Maybe you should try to be more of a man,
Maybe you should try to show all that you can,
Maybe you should risk it for once and all,
Maybe you should throw away your pettiness,
And in full light stand tall.
It’s a game I have played over and over again.
The players change, the stakes are the same.
Maybe you should do away with your fast cars and money.
How about showing me what are you made of, honey?
If you cant play with me a games that's fair,
Don’t bother showing up, stay in your lair.
It's the same old game, of betrayal and lies,
How about a shot at being some one nice?
If you can’t be the truth I am looking for,
Let's call it quits for some time.
I will come back to you, little mister,
When I am bored of big games, maybe.

(Inspired by random conversations over beer.)


Richa said...

Really liked the way the rhyme drops at the end..

Witness said...

Rich:)u noticed!thx:)

Meet said...

I loved it in the end.
I do not think poems are supposed to rhyme anyway.

Jasmine said...

its a game ive played over n over! the players change but the stakes r the same!
love it babe!

Witness said...

Right Meet.They could be anything.Glad you liked it Jas:)