Friday, May 29, 2009

T.O. D.A.N.N.Y.

And when the lights were out,
And the show had come to an end.
We removed our painted masks,
And made our way home.
Only to find that after being cheered by crowds,
In our land we were not allowed.
As homewards path we traced,
All of ours had been erased.
Back from the shining lights,
Thrown to our daily plight.
It's in this hour,
When everything is displaced,
You wish you had a guardian angel,
Who would put everything back in place.
Sometimes we live our whole lives,
Hoping for Him to drop by.
Sometimes all it takes is a calamity,
And He appears in the blink of an eye.
We rot away mostly,
Waiting for miracles to happen one day.
Sometimes, if you are really lucky,
I have heard they come your way.
So we can be cynics,
Discarding Him as a fairy tale.
Or live life in the possibility,
No matter what, sometimes, He doesn’t fail.

(Inspired by You know Who and Why.)


Kapai said...

nice :)

Sunil Chaudhry said...

veri good shweta is good to write on personalities like him and also Yani and all........but how to go for his photo shoot hahaha ....any sponsors for London trip. hehehe thanks

Witness said...

Thanks Anand and Sir, London bhee chale jayenge:)

Rupinder Singh said...

Danny has been Ms.Modgized

Witness said...

:)Yeah Romi, just tryin to appreciate him!