Friday, June 19, 2009


One drop of rain.
And a thousand million floods in the heart.
One tiny ray of hope.
And you are ready to give it all from the start.
One life saving anchor.
And you will go against the current.
One sweet smile.
And you are ready to walk miles.
One kind word.
All broken faiths restored.
One gentle touch.
All wounds stand cured.
One last breath.
And you are ready to fight death.
One chance.
You will show you can dance.
All this while,
You kept on living “their” life.
One chance encounter.
And you are ready for the other side.
Is this that one?
You will never know if you don’t choose.
And just one more time,
Play like there’s nothing to lose.

(Inspired by The Motorcycle Diaries.)

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