Monday, May 18, 2009

F.E.A.R. N.O.T.

All those voices in your mind.
All those dreams you left behind.
Toeing lines drawn by some one else,
Forever complaining about life being unkind.
You could touch her,
She was so near.
What kept you back,
Was imaginary fear.
You could have won that one time,
Had you decided to cross the line.
You could have broken all those bars,
If only you had a little more courage to look far.
You could have created something new,
If you had dared to see it through.
Your could have carved yourself out of stone,
If you had not listened to their drone.
Now what separates you from the world where you should be,
Is your habit of having fought for nothing at all.
And in case you want to cross the wall,
You will have to be brave to take a fall.
Or you can choose to live in the shadow of fear,
Pining for a paradise which could have been right here.
The life you are meant to live is still seeking you out,
But do you have the guts to give her a shout?

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