Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I.T. R.A.I.N.E.D. O.N.E. D.A.Y.

Set as stone,
In a rough world.
Scorched by dry winds,
That cut an inch of me,
Every time they touch me.

Moving alone.
With a dry heart.
With a thirsty soul.
Searching for that elusive nectar.
They say it makes you whole.

And then one afternoon,
You walk in like unannounced rain.
Drop by drop, you wash my pain.
You sing like spring, I cry in joy.
Filling my cuts is a part of the sky.

What's cut is lost, and may never come by.
You may go too, leaving me dry.
Yet whenever a raindrop falls on me,
From a dusty unkind burning sky,
I will remember the day a stranger walked in,
And made me feel alive-like I will never die.

(Inspired by the sudden drizzle in Delhi.)

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