Wednesday, January 14, 2009

S.P.A.R.K. P.L.U.G.S.

A creative burst.
An artist's thirst.
Driven by hunger.

Like that of a mad painter.
Trying to dye the sky in colors wild and unknown.
Chaotic like an unborn.

Like that of a writer.
Guzzling life from every corner.
Madly scribbling away from the night into the dawn.

Like that of a dancer.
Full blown passion in fashion.
A force that could go on and on.

Like that of a musician.
Bleeding fingers churning out notes.
Moonlight sonatas-once heard, never forgot.

Souls on fire, fueled by desires.
Engaged in a symphony of construction.
Dispelling the old to find something new, fresh, and bold.

Establishing a new world order without holds.
Where creation outsmarts destruction not by rule or reason or force.
But by words, moves, colors, and notes.

Mad people-society's spark plugs.
Creating richness that cannot be bought.
Only felt, experienced, and sought.

(Inspired by hunger.)