Monday, January 12, 2009

T.U.R.K.I.S.H. D.E.L.I.G.H.T.

The big little things.
A hot cup of tea.
A warm sun.
An extra cushion.
A sudden smile.
Sweet nothings.
Soft hands,
Caressing your strands.
Building castles,
In shifting sands.
Breaking into a sudden jig.
Surprising friends with midnight gigs.
Sharing secrets underneath cosy blankets.
Baring hearts in pitch black darkness.
Movie nights.
Sitting tight.
One minute fights.
Sudden hugs.
Surprise pugs.
French fries.
Sunny drives.
Lemon teas.
Cartoon movies.
Life could be sweet and light.
Like a turkish delight.
Or it could be,
One never ending fight.
It's not about getting it always right.
It's all about what you choose to bite.

(Inspired by Neel,Vihaan, and the weekend.)

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