Monday, January 19, 2009


No binding ties.
No holding chains.
Homeward I am called,
But all in vain.
My heart flies,
To lands unknown.
Faraway mountain ranges,
And deep blue seas.
Wild rivers and calm deserts,
Now give me peace.
The ice cold breeze,
Signifies my release.
One piece of land
Cannot contain me.
One solitary mountain,
Cannot sustain me.
I have been set loose,
From all bonds of connection.
And so now beyond the principles of rejection and selection,
Traversing alike on all terrains,
I am out on a life long cruise.
I left that home,
I took that train.
I take a pledge,
Not to look back again.
Be it gain, or be it pain,
This is the path I finally choose.
From everything, I go footloose.


Jasneet said...
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Jasneet said...

No words to describe what i feel about this..

Witness said...

Kohli, I knew u would feel this way:)

Mahuya said...


By the way, I loved the accompanying picture a lot. a lot.

Witness said...

Thx Mahuya:)rem the place:)I guess Bhutaan keeps cumin bck to me:)

Richa said...

Yes! That's more like it! I like it!

Witness said...

Thx Rich:)