Saturday, December 27, 2008

T.O.U.C.H. M.E.

Your touch.
Like sweet love in cold winter.
Like a warm hug on a cloudy day.
Like a sunny afternoon that passes by.
Like a steaming coffee cup held by baby pink hands.
Like when without a reason you flash that smile.
Like when without a word you lie down beside me.
And give me a cuddle which says you understand.
Like when all of a sudden you hold my hand.
Like we feel connected without a wedding band.
Like you gently caress my golden strands.
Like my whole world's falling and only you stand.

Your touch.
I can only ask as much.
You make me feel human.
You make me feel someone.
I don’t care about names.
I don't care about words.
Promises or relations.
Expectations or temptations.
Your touch.
I only ask that much.