Friday, January 2, 2009

G.L.A.S.S. W.A.L.L.S.

Standing behind glass walls,
Elegant and tall.
You look so confident.
Like you could conquer all.
But deep inside you,
Resides the fear of the fall.
I guess because you too,
Once gave it your best shot.
And all was snatched away,
What remains is naught.
So you locked away,
The love inside you.
You hid yourself somewhere
They can't find you.
Maybe I was not supposed
To cross your way.
But what made me stop was,
When you looked at me and looked away.
That was when I wanted,
To crash against your defences.
That was when I wanted,
To remove all imaginary fences.
Because I cannot see someone
So beautiful and tall.
Lock their love inside them,
And grow small.
So I might try to tear through,
The little cocoon around you.
Break all the surrounding walls,
Walk through broken glass to find you.
You may love me or hate me,
I do not care.
I can't let something so beautiful go waste,
So I won't just stand and stare.
This may cause us a little pain,
And there is no assured reward.
My only consolation even if I don't touch you,
Is at least I tried hard.

(Inspired by the line"Jugni rehndi sheeshe paar":))


Jasmine said...

Your best so far:)Cheers

Witness said...

Thanx Jas:)