Friday, December 26, 2008

D.A.N.C.E. W.I.T.H. M.E.

When you dance,
You set me free.
I go on a high,
When you swing in glee.

With every carefree step that you take,
You are dancing your way into me.
Your moves send me in a tizzy,
And I am being robbed silently.

You dance like no one's watching,
And I feel it's all for me.
Everyone is enjoying the show,
I can feel you flow in me.

You give a damn, you are a diva,
They don't care, they are enchanted.
It's only we who know, that in this game,
You make the moves, and I am the wanted.

So every time you get in the groove,
All around you are smitten by joy.
Only I know you are out to get me,
Your performance is but a sexy decoy.

But tonight I want you to take me,
So I won't wait for a destined chance.
I will walk up to you and hold you tight,
This time honey, I will make you dance.

(Inspired by Hello, Dolly!! and dancing!)


Neel said...

inspired by........:)

Rupinder Singh said...

very intriguing, secret... and lovely

Witness said...

Thx Romi:)