Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am not looking for you
To complete me.
Or to be the perfect answer
To all my questions.
I am not looking for you
To vindicate me.
Or to be the suitable god
Of my nameless religion.
I am not looking for you
To sweep me off my feet.
Neither am I counting on you
To be my only solid ground.
Soul mate, standing at your gate,
I am not asking you to be my destination.
All I am asking you is to share my journey without hesitation.
Having you by my side is not some sort of culmination.
Neither is it some heavenly revelation.
It's not the lack of faith
Which has driven me to you.
In fact it's my trust in myself,
That I am laying my bets on you.
So when I am asking you to be mine,
It is not because of some cosmic design.
It is because we have to journey to far together,
And I don't want us to waste any more time.


Jasmine said...

very well put:0

Witness said...

Thx dear:)grt to know you could relate to it.