Monday, October 6, 2008


Tumbling through life
With a shell around.
Trying hard to protect oneself
From this wild, wild world
Where hurt abounds.
Holding on, tight to my shield
To nothing and to no one
My cold heart yields.
Cutting down on wordly interactions
Numbing all counter reactions.
Trying to live a frozen life
Outer calmness veils inner strife.
Cutting down on all the light
Befriending the night
And fearing anything that seems bright.
Skeptical to all that is happy and sunny,
Trying to live a normal life and not feel funny.
I am walking somewhere, down and lost,
When a stranger calls out,"Hey Honey !"
And melts away the self inflicted frost.
And in that one moment, I experience that very sweet pain,
My heart dies a thousand deaths again!
Stranger you rolled the dice and went away,
But now the same old game I want to play.
Honey, you know it's not funny,
After all my efforts that went down the drain,
I am falling in love, yet again, yet again!!

(To someone who did'nt know what he started.)


Ankita said...

ooooooh.. this is nice ;)

Witness said...

Thanks Anks:)