Thursday, October 2, 2008


So He made a castle
And She saw and laughed.
With one stroke of her powers
She brings it down.
On his calm face
She doesn't see a single frown.
And She's amazed.
Because He goes back to work
And gathers the sand again.
He recreates his dreams
With His hands again.
And She strikes again
With all her force.
Thinking this time
She will get him down.
He will break
And She will laugh aloud.
But yet once more
He wipes the sweat on his face.
And goes back to toil.
She cant hold it now
And asks him out:
"How much can you take?"
He smiles the smile
Worth tonnes of pain,
And tells her:
"I will quit the moment you break."
She laughs at her worthy adversary
And gives her head a final shake.
She will have to find a weaker mortal.
He is not the one that she can take.