Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T.O. S.I.D.D.A.R.T.H.A.

It must have been a moment
When you questioned the enlightened one.
It must have taken you more than we can imagine
to understand where it all begun.
It must have been more than courage
which took you from the rise to the fall.
It must have been something more than perseverance
which kept you above all.
How much must you have been tormented to realize
that you had to take a step ahead of the teacher.
When you realized your answers lay even beyond him
Though he was the wordly preacher.
I can almost feel your loneliness
When you realized you will have to go on alone.
How far you must have felt from every one.
They could put their faith in "The One"
Beside you there were none.
They at least had something to hold on.
All you could do is but go on.
Without knowing if you will ever find
What you are looking for.
Or they will forget you by saying
"There goes one more."
And yet you knew without the experience
You would hardly know what it is like
When the world has found its ultimate truth
And you know it's not the one that sets things right.

(The poem is dedicated to Siddartha, the protagonist of the book SIDDARTHA by Hermen Hesse)

(Image Courtesy:Richa Bhake)


Agnih said...

Hi, Shweta,

We have never met, and spoken only very briefly on the phone a time or two. I don't know if you will appreciate any comment from me, but I must presume to make it.

I love this poem (and, in truth, the others as well). I think you have truly captured the essence of Siddharta's struggle, and that struggle is one that most of us experience at some time or other in our lives.

I appreciate the thoughts that you have, and the way in which you express them. There is real insight there.

I look forward to reading more. :)

Mike (Gaurav's friend from Canada)

Agnih said...
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Witness said...

Hey Mike,

Anything from you is always appreciated coz I think we know each other more than we have talked:)Thx a lot for your kind words.I am happy I could potray the struggle in words which could be felt by you:)Do keep visiting and encouraging and dont even think twice before commenting!!I could'nt figure out your email id so I am posting this message on my blog only in the hope u will cum back and read it.


Agnih said...

Hi, Schweta,

I will definitely keep reading. I have wanted to do a blog of my own for some time, and you have inspired me to really think about what I could put on it. I am not much of a poet, to be sure, but I might be able to find something interesting to say.

My e-mail address is carrick_mike@yahoo.ca (because I haven't really figured out the google one yet ;) ). I would really like to set up some kind of reading discussion circle, and maybe online is the way to go. What do you think?

Ciao for now. :)