Tuesday, August 12, 2008

D. E. S. T. I. N. Y.

Ok So the God of Big and small things alike
Decides he has done enough of construction.
But construction cannot be complete
If not complemented with destruction.
So he waves his magic wand
And lets out of his hand
A force the mortals would come to call destiny.

It worked out to be a very entertaining contraption.
Working on the ad hoc principles of selection and rejection.
Mortals would think they are doing fine.
And suddenly they would be out of the line.
They would think that winning is sure.
The next moment they wished they lost no more.
One moment they would laugh and sing.
Next moment they felt destiny's cruel sting.
They would question, struggle, and fight
till their might would run out.
But Destiny would not flinch before time
And would sit tight drowning out their shout.

It wasn't over till it was the end.
It was a straight line with a hair pin bend.
It was a zero sum game which destiny played.
And so your losses and gains arbitrarily swayed.
They would keep looking for answers
they were destined not to find.
They would keep seeking novelty
And all they got was the daily grind.

And so has it been going on for long.
And though mortals feel that no matter what
They can really come out strong.
All it takes is a moment for Him to decide
He wants to have some weekend fun.
So He rolls the dice
And the game unknown to you has begun.
And just after the moment you felt nothing could have been more right
Life goes for a spin, everything goes wrong.
And you may keep thinking when you look back
What was it that went astray?
Relax mortal, what you did or not,
Was hardly ever His concern.
He did not like the music, He simply changed your track.


Neel said...

nice...shweta, since the lines are lengthy in the this one...try spacing into paras...for a better reading experience...


Neel said...

test comment....

jayu said...

Wow Shweta! This is amazing.Love this line-'He did not like the music, He simply changed your track.'


blackjack said...

hmmm .... i remember writing something some eons ago which went like this "till someone lifts the needle off and lits us die with dismal cough" ... i was 18 and kinda suicidal then...but your last two lines kind of find a connection with these...the track change or the track just stopped ...

Witness said...

thx:)feel gud u cud relate!