Tuesday, August 5, 2008

T.H.E. L.A.S.T. L.A.U.G.H.

You twist and turn.
Try this and that.
Subtract and add.
Buy and throw.
Come and go.
Look and search.
Fake and force.
Run and hide.
Think and loosen.
Awaken and get lost.
Rise and walk.
Cry and console.
Talk and shout.
Sing and dance.
Play safe and secure.
Romance with a chance.
Try to find love in a glance.
Seek human voices.
Make strange choices.
Take roads unheard.
Move with the flock.
And then you suddenly revert.
Live in dark and light.
Breathe hard and fight.
Ask questions that don't go away.
Fighting the past blocking your way.
From pillar to post.
Your desperately seek me-Happiness.
I am your lover and I am your biggest enemy.
I am your defeat and I am your pyrrhic victory.
Mortal, when did I say I will come easy?
You will live for me, you will die for me.
And I may not still belong to thee.
Happiness---that's how the game is going to be.
It's you versus you, it's you versus me.
All your life you will pine for me.
And I will make you run crazy.
Until one day either You will decide to give up the cause.
Or You will look real hard and see-
I am still there where I always was.
While you were turning the world upside down for me.

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Vinod said...

interesting poetry on this blog... will follow...