Tuesday, July 8, 2008



That look at you once in a life.

And then you are never the same again.

You keep looking to spot them.

So that they can unclothe you

like no one else can.

You find yourself lost in crowds

you thought you belonged to.

Nothing has changed.

Just that somebody has seen what you were trying hard to hide.

That naked truth of their vision

Has left you exposed reeling for more.

You want to be seen the way you are.

And now those eyes are very far.

And you will keep looking for them now.

Knowing what they did to you in that one moment

May not be ever done by lovers

Who profess to you how close to them you are.

It was so easy to be

Without any one knowing you.

Now it will be difficult to cover yourself

Without him seeing you.
(Image Courtesy : Richa Bhake)

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