Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peace Price

What is the price of peace?
A bottle of whiskey.
A glorious sunset.

A virgin terrain.
A chainless existence.

Fulfilled dreams.
Realized ideas.

Tasks laid to rest.
One's self put to test.
One’s very best.

One uncorrupted pure thing held close to heart.
One thing that’s constant from the start.

Mother’s unconditional love.
Deliverance from materialism and all isms.
Promises kept.

Raindrops that fall on your face.
Friends who hug you at the end of the race.

Closed eyes.
Softly flowing tears.

An innocent smile.
A short walk that lasts for a mile.

Words said ---and unsaid.
A warm bed.

Love—when it’s around.
Or when lost and found.

Silence ---and no surround sound.
Freedom unbound.

Being understood by that one.
Feeling most loved under the sun.
(Image Courtesy : Richa Bhake)

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