Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Silence--when I hear what you don't say.

When words become an impediment in love's way.

Two souls make an effort to keep words at bay.

Heartbeats disjointed, and yet to one harmony sway.

When you look at me even when you look away.

When you look inside me and have your way.

When you are calm and I see storms inches away.

When you are numb and I hear you pray.

When I feel you are shaken and you try not to sway.

When you want me and you walk away.

When you are sad and try to be gay.

When you want to hug me and build walls in the way.

When you want to question"What if?"

And then let that moment pass away.

When you declare you are on the right track.

And I see you go astray.

When you say it's a beautiful day.

And I see you fight your tears away.

When no music fills the night.

And to solitude we both sway.

When you don't say "I love you"

And I hear you anyway.

When we throw the crutches of language away.

Silence--when I hear what you don't say.

(Image Courtesy : Richa Bhake)


Neel said...
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Neel said...


I wish I had written this poem..... it's beautiful.

If I would have written it, I would have dedicated it to you Zafeer.