Thursday, December 8, 2011


I miss you.
And I am not saying this,
Because you are gone.
It’s because I have stopped,
While the world goes on.
And what stopped me dead in my tracks?
It was how while leaving, you turned around and looked back.
Because what I saw in your eyes,
Was your wish to stay on, though it was time to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

You imagine what you would like to be and not what is...

Mahuya said...

oh my god! You are truly blossoming into one helluva poet. Respect.

Witness said...

@Anonymous:that's what imagination is supposed to be:)

Witness said...

@Mahuya:thx!you keep me going on:)

Neel said...

I agree both with Anonymous and Mahuya!


Witness said...


Mo said...

This one makes me think of my lovely cat who left me at 21 yrs, neither of us found the goodbye easy.

Witness said...

@Mo:oh Mo, I can imagine:)

Cheryl Patterson said...

Lovely. And bittersweet for me... It seems like it can be for different circumstances (life or relationship losses).

For me, it hit it right on about how I feel about my father who passed last year... My world seemed to stop in so many ways.

Your words are lovely.


Witness said...

@Cheryl:thanks:)so glad you could relate to it.