Monday, December 26, 2011


If I had a palace,
I would sell it,
For one moment of solace with you.
If I had money,
I would buy with it,
All the time to spend with you honey.
If I owned the sky,
I would hide the sun,
So that when you are with me, time does not fly.
But I only have a single penny,
And that is not enough dough.
But if you could just turn back and look once in my eyes,
I would let you rob me and go.

(Inspired by Priceless-the movie:))


Neel said...

very very very good poem. It's different from the rest. very nice.

Witness said...

@Neel:were you waiting for me to write it!!!!thanks-I owe it to the movie:)

Madhu Rajesh said...

kuch bhi chhoriyo..likhna mat chhoriyo..mast hai ekdum

zubin said...

Awesome movie, and an equally awesome poem :).

Mahuya said...

beautiful! Without the reference to the context, its more appealing, universal ...

Witness said...

@Madhu:your wish is my command!!

Witness said...

@Zubin:Totally agree Zubin-the movie's great.Thx!

Witness said...


Mo said...

I must see the movie> I love knowing where and what inspires artisits. I love this poem.

Witness said...

@Mo:yes Mo you would like it-pretty cute!Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way, for about the moment of solace that we will never have togehter.

I understand your poetry and your emotions. What I do not understand is, why you hide it behind a curtain of the so called a random movie. Inspiration for your emotion is more pure than that, write me a poem that is just you.