Thursday, August 18, 2011

N.O. N.O.

Yes everything good can blow,
In case you didn’t know.
Yes your best laid plan,
Can be a no show.
Yes they all can hurt you,
When you didn’t think so.
Yes you could be fate's next game,
And you might have no where to go.
Yes you might think you had it all,
Till all you are left with is a zero.
Yes life's not fair,
And love's not everywhere.
Yes the fights are too long,
And everyday is not a song.
Yes it's easy to give in,
When everything around is wrong.
Yes you can fade away,
And no one might even know.
But as far as I am concerned love,
I am not letting you go.
Because I have chosen to love you,
From all the people I know.
And you might be tempted in a moment of weakness,
To disbelieve me and go.
But trust me love, how much ever you try,
No matter what, this time I am not taking a no.

(Inspired by sheer innocence and the urge to protect it.)


zubin said...

WOW. Nothing else to say :). Someone's really lucky, and inspirational to inspire such flowing poetry :).

Witness said...

Thx Zubin:)normally it's my travel experiences:)

mysterious_malady said...

funny you should say that. that was inspired by this.


Witness said...

MM:I know:)but normally it's what I experience during travelling that gets me writing)

mysterious_malady said...

actually, i thought what you said on my blog was funny because that was inspired by this poem. we do find inspiration in interesting places !

Mo said...

Equally a lover or child. I love the power in this one

Witness said...


Witness said...

@Mo:thanks:)i felt strong too writing it:)

Mahuya said...

very beautiful, S. Everyone can relate. And thats what good poetry is all about.

Witness said...

Thx Mahuya:)glad you could:)

Manisha said...

Beautiful ! .........just like You.

Witness said...

Thx Manisha.