Monday, June 27, 2011


Yes, there shall be a heaven,
Which shall be yours and mine.
Yes, there shall be a time,
When the sun would constantly shine.
Yes, there shall be a moment,
When everything else would be left behind.
Yes, we both shall be there,
Together at the finishing line.
Yes, there will be mountains,
On our way, to be climbed.
Yes, there shall be moments,
Of despair and sorrow.
Yes, there shall be dark nights,
Seemingly with no tomorrows.
Yes, you shall feel the need to give in,
Thinking I am no where in sight.
But do not, my beloved.
Say yes, to every fight.
And hold on to our love tight.
Because the moment you feel,
Everything has gone wrong,
I will be there.
To set every wrong right.
To banish every night.
Yes, the fog is dense,
And the end is no where near.
But walk into it bravely my love,
Because where the fog ends, I am standing right there.

(Inspired by a Yes:))


Supss said...


Witness said...

Yes Supriya:)

Neel said...

Yess!! we can... :)

Witness said...

Neel-yes we shall;)

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!;0


Sana Zehra said...

I see so much of you in the YES..
Beautiful is your love :)

Witness said...

Yes yes yes-Jas:)

Witness said...

Thx Sana-beautiful is all love!

Mo said...

Oh so romantic

Witness said...

Thx Mo:)

Manisha said...

It was lovly just like u. I just loved it

Passport Stamps said...


Witness said...

Thanks PS:)