Monday, December 20, 2010


You will have to hold my hands,
and trust me that I will lead you on.
You will have to work with me,
be it dusk or dawn.
You will have to rough it out,
and together we will move on.
I am not promising you roses,
or a life lived in silk sheets.
We will have to go through grime,
through dust and scalding heat.
I will be tired and broken,
and there will be days you would not want to stand me.
You will have to believe in my love for you,
and work a little hard to understand me.
And this hardship,you might resist,
but beloved I would still persist.
Because without each other,
we might as well not exist.
For what kind of life would that be,
wherein for once you did not feel?
That everything else was worthless,
Love and only love was the greatest deal.


zubin said...

Awesome. Your writing is really honest :).

Anonymous said...

love it:)

Anonymous said...

je nikli dil ki baat...badan ke raste.. :p


Witness said...

@Zubin:i dont know any other way!thx:)

Witness said...

@Neel:u know me too well:)

Mo said...


Witness said...


a boy from another planet said...

This is honestly beautiful. Very free flowing and heart felt language.

Witness said...

Thanks Boy:)