Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been standing in lines,
for a really long time.
I have been looking for them,
The so called right signs.
I have been playing this game,
all through like I know.
And I have constantly let this idea grow.
It may not be in me to know your moves.
And it may not be in my hands what I choose.
All I know is now I wont go slow.
The answers I am looking for are no where in sight.
And maybe the ones I find might not be right.
But the voices in my head are slowly dying down.
And mostly what I can hear is one solid sound.
That's my heart beating loudly when you are around,
I know it's still a long shot to the end.
But I am willing to wait my life for the moment,
When you shall stay and buck the trend.

(Inspired by Love in the times of Cholera and love in general:))


Mo said...


Witness said...

Thanks Mo:)

Take a Hike said...

good one..try writing longer pieces sometimes...

Witness said...

Ok Hiker:)