Saturday, October 2, 2010


And through the whole wide world I flew,
As if that's all I had to do.
I wandered over everything new,
And learnt things I never knew.
Alone over moutains,
I mused when I could.
Over oceans far and deep,
I stood still when I could.
I had a little peep,
Through all those forests deep.
I glided over sand,
Of deserts and shores alike.
I was always on the move,
Like those riders on their bikes.
And in all those solitary moments,
Which I can say were not few,
I realized I had to come back,
I had to come back to you.
And so I headed home,
Thinking all the way through,
I had to go around the whole world,
Just to say-I love you.

(Inspired by Lorrie Loft,Jurong Bird Park)


Jasmine said...

Love it :)

Witness said...

thx Jas:)

zubin said...

De- wait for it - lightful. Loved the ending. :). How did the trip go?

Witness said...

Thx Zubin:)was really fun:)

Ashu said...

Awesome..I like the whole idea, Love you!!!

Witness said...

Thx Ashu:)me too:)

YoungNovember said...

I like how sometimes it takes us a trip around the world to realise that home is hwere we belong. Beautiful poem!

Witness said...

Yes:)thx Young:)

Anonymous said...

watch this entire thing.

s said...


Witness said...

Thank you s:)

Mo said...

We do don;t we

Witness said...

Yes we do Mo:)

mysterious_malady said...

here is a silly thought ... we should do a poetry jugalbandi. every time i read your poetry i am inspired. i am not saying you should feel the same :P


mysterious_malady said...

or that i am any good ... (as an aside: i was going to say 'half as good' and then realized that was conceit !)

blah ! this comment is going no where !


mysterious_malady said...

ok ... i am not trolling ... i promise.

i am in delhi on the 10th for the entire day. care to say hello ? if so leave me a comment on MM or email me!


Witness said...

MM:left u a message at MM.And thanks for pumping me up!