Monday, August 23, 2010

H.I.G.H. S.T.R.U.N.G.

And though it would have been extra ordinary,
Had I known what was meant to be?
But God changed designs at the last moment,
And blew up the kingdom of dreams in glee.
A circle here, a line there,
And he drew another plot.
Dismantling things I wanted,
And assembling things I understood not.
I try to guess his moves,
He constantly changes hues.
When I choose to play along,
He deftly changes the song.
Sometimes I wonder when will it get clear?
And when will we both realize?
Who out of us is on strings?
And who is the puppeteer?


Jayasri said...

I like :-)

Nitin K Gupta said...

but last i heard was that god is not great?

Neel said...

nice dear.

Kapai said...

God,a master of

Rupinder Singh said...

Nice... :)

Mahuya said...

very nice. I can so relate.

Witness said...

Thx Jay, Neel, and Romi:)

Witness said...

Yes Kumari, we are greater;)

Witness said...

Yes Anand, maybe maybe not:)

Witness said...

Thx Mahuya.So do I at times:)

Mo said...

So true

Witness said...

Yes Mo:)