Wednesday, July 28, 2010



In your sweet nothings,
I will try to find you.
Through words unspoken between us,
I will try to remind you.
When you are battered by life's trappings,
I will try to unwind you.
It may not be easy,
But I will be around you.
Walking through all our choices,
Making way through all consequences,
All I ask you is to trust me,
And I promise to be always behind you.

(Inspired by the thought of togetherness.)
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Mahuya said...

Oh wow!

So beautiful.I might borrow this and dedicate it to my friend(s) too ...

Neel said...

wah!!very nice.

Witness said...

U r always welcome Mahuya:)

Witness said...

@Neel:thx.And I thibk you would understand it the best:)