Tuesday, July 13, 2010

J.O.I.E. D.E. V.I.V.R.E.

This is the moment when you shall find me.
This is the moment when nothing shall bind me.
There will be a smile playing on my face.
And I would have put all regrets behind me.

You will be laughing with me loud.
And I would be shouting out aloud.
My soul will soar in the blue skies,
And for once they will be devoid of dark clouds.

My senses will feel everything worth feeling.
My eyes will see everything worth seeing.
In that one moment when you will touch me through,
I will experience the unbearable lightness of being!

(Inspired by this beautiful shot and the wonderful time at Anand's party.)


jasmine said...

Very well put shweta. and i love the picture. goes wonderfully well with whats written.!

Witness said...

thx JJ:)

Madhu Rajesh said...

Sweetheart! you touched my soul...you write beautifully. Dint know your hidden talent :)))

Kapai said...


Kapai said...
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Witness said...

@Madhu:I m glad you liked it.It's your picture that evoked this poem:)

Witness said...

@Anand:The lightness was your reccomendation:)

Neel said...

nice one!!


Witness said...


Take a Hike said...

Nice poem.

There will be a basket of moments,
In the end.
In some you would have "Known Thyself"
In some other, you would have lost yourself.

not able to think what to write next. some other day I guess.

Witness said...

@Take a Hike:And through all, you might find yourself.

Thx:)I hope it completes what you wanted to say.

Mo said...

Very romantic

Witness said...


Take a Hike said...


it does.