Monday, December 8, 2008


Like the tiny drops of rain
trickling from a hole in the roof
to form a stream of water,
falling down in a single train.
Like a single ray of sunlight
entering your dark room through a tiny orifice,
Till it's the sun itself blasting its way
Into your room to make it bright.
Like a gentle zephyr in the desert
brushing your cheek,
and then blasting into gusts of winds,
to shift the sand dunes blocking your way.
Like a single note of the piano
touching the tears in your eyes,
and then rising into a melody
to bring the house down.
Your little griefs and sorrows,
Have added over time.
And the pains you took to form yourself
Over the years have multiplied.
You always fell in the rise of the tides.
You always lost when fate had to take sides.
But slowly slowly all your fears and losses,
have made you into one formidable wall.
And then when in their pride,
They tried to get you one more time,
Down came crashing the mountain of pain,
Pounding against your might in vain,
For now it's your harvest time.
All the pains you endured,
Have finally borne fruit.
All the lies you fought
Have finally succumbed to the truth.
All your cuts have made you stronger.
You can fight those demons longer.
Now you will sit and reap
the harvest of the soul.
And try as they may hard,
They will never understand,
The very pieces they cut you in,
Were used by you to make you whole.

(Inspired by a friend who reminded it's time to reap the harvest.)


Neel said...

does it have anything to do with someone who tied hair and played tt?

Witness said...

No.It wz triggered by Sunil.They were profound words:)