Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok that day you were broken.
Like a bird in freezing winds,shaken.
Like a believer, whose faith has been taken.
Like a priest, whose religion has been forsaken.
And you thought that was your end.
And you thought that's all to you my friend?
For one moment you made them think so too.
That all you were was what they thought of you.
But when you looked in their condenscending eyes,
How hollow they were is what you realized.
In the greatness of their glory,
They forgot your true story.
They conveniently wiped out from your memory,
The crashes you survived.
How when they were musing over ocean depths,
You unclothed your fears away and just dived.
How when they were hesitating to walk,
You took everything in your stride.
Even though rough has been the tide,
There's not a single storm that you did not ride.
Even though they were never by your side,
Not one of your plans they could jeopardize.
So today if you are experiencing self doubt,
Give the residents of heaven a loud shout.
Challenge them to try their best,
To put you to the hardest test.
Tell them it's their last chance,
To put you finally at rest.
Tell them to try their hardest try,
Because you are out with a battle cry.
Tell them this time it's no holds barred,
And later there wont be time for ifs and buts.
Because this time it's you who will kick their guts,
And make the Kings of Heaven cry.

(Dedicated to a friend who said,"Go fight.")


Ankita said...

loved its.. btw who is this friend?
'kick ass man!' ??? ;D

Rupinder Singh said...

Good amount of vengeance lying here.... am going to light a cigar now...

A Friend said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
--William Congreve