Saturday, November 15, 2008


No matter how much I try,
time goes slipping by.
I try to pace myself with the world,
But it's a far far cry.
I try to list it all,
And it shoots through the sky.
I daily fight it out,
Yet there's never enough to satisfy.
And then one day you tell me,
It's my time to say goodbye.
I am struck, sore, sad..
Wondering why, why,why?
And then I start looking at things,
Which never caught my eye.
The morning colours of a sleepy sky.
A smile on a stranger who is passing by.
Few good friends who wont let you die.
Hidden fantasies which you never did try.
It's then I decide when it's my time to go,
I will look up to the sky.
And for the first time in my life,
Watch the starry night as it passes by.
You would lay me in the ground,
But I would have already flown high.

(Afterthoughts after Dasvidaniya.)

1 comment:

Neel said...

As usual....the same .. lame... nice!!

but true..