Tuesday, September 2, 2008

S.A.N.S. P.L.U.S. A.T.T.E.N.D.R.E.(without further waiting)

Finding their ways to me.
Bubbles of happiness.
Come floating frequently.
Is it your face?
Is it your grace?
That now gives me
a peaceful high.
Long cocooned in darkness
The little bird is out.
It's flapping its new wings
And is flying like a butterfly.
High High High!
Over all those dark pits.
High High High!
Where pain can't touch it.
High High High!
Where peace comes to visit.
What has changed so much
When everything seems same?
To think that something else changed
Is an assumption quite lame.
It's through those very eyes
You are watching those very things again.
But now you know birdie
It was when you changed your thought
You wiped out what you had lost.
You could see clearly
what treasures you have got.
So now when you spread your wings
You don't think of bygone flings.
It's from the freedom of your flight
That your new found joys spring.
It's not the promise of a future still not yours
That has made everything bright.
It's the certainty of this present you wont let go
Which has brought you delight.
So little birdie go.
Go and have a spin!
Because the very next moment
Another life begins!

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