Monday, March 12, 2012

T.H.E. R.A.C.E.

A mountain to move?
A deluge to cross?
A storm to weather?
An inferno to douse?
Starting from the end?
Finishing it from the start?
Walking in the dark?
Crossing all bends?
What is it in store that you have for me this time?
Maybe it does not matter anymore.
I have raced till the end and I have raced against time.
Sometimes I have fallen; sometimes I reached the finishing line.
I have raced when I could see and I have raced when I was blind.
I have raced for a cause; I have raced with no mind.
And at the end of it what did I find?
It does not matter how long is the race.
Or if I have my running shoes on.
As long as I have my ounce of faith,
I can go marching through hell’s gates.

(Inspired by faith and running.)


Neel said...

khoob Likha... PST

Witness said...


Mahuya said...

Yup. That's me alright! :)

You know what that means.

Witness said...

@Mahuya:I do:)

Akhilesh Dixit said...

well written Shweta...
specially the last part of the poem..
but in totality it limits the reader...well least i felt it this way...
i have a humble suggestion..if at all i may....

lesser the 'I' directly or indirectly..vaster the canvas of creative horizon .... need not say that i m not talking ab't the use of this one letter word.

all the best

God Bless.

Witness said...

@Sir:thanks:)point taken.

Mo said...

I like the implied strength in tis one

Witness said...


Cheryl Patterson said...

I can relate to this, and try to remind myself about that very important word and source of encouragement - faith!

Thanks for the reminder!


Witness said...

Much appreciated Cheryl!