Tuesday, April 26, 2011

O.N. A.N.D. O.N.

And I have gone round and round.
Across your lofty mountains.
Through your green valleys.
Waded through your lakes.
Glided through your misty air.
I have been everywhere.
Looking for you.
From peak to peak.
From shore to shore.
From one road to the other.
I walk on and on.
Thinking someday when I am done,
I will find you waiting at that point,
Where it all began.
It is but another dream,
Which might not come true.
But I am holding on to it,
As long as it gets me through.

(Inspired by my escapade to Sikkim.)


Mahuya said...

I love it!

Witness said...

Pleasure Mahuya:)

Mo said...

Another wonderful poem. HAve you published your work?

Witness said...

Thx Mo:)not yet.