Monday, January 31, 2011



The shortest distance between two points.
The longest distance between two souls apart.
Hearts breathe through phone calls and emails.
Life goes from reality to virtuality.
Love blooms through clicks and emoticons.
Two souls in love progress to become onscreen icons.

Tears and joys are conveyed to be felt.
Physical presence becomes a luxury.
Only to be indulged in when the cost of flying falls down.
We live through separate emotions in different time zones.
You feel lonely in your night and I feel uneasy in my day.
I shut out the light when I talk to you.
Hoping I will feel in the same way.
Blacking out all colors from my life.
In the effort to make you stay.

Walk lonely through streets and places.
Trying to find you in sundry faces.
Feel like giving in to the urge of one night stand.
An invisible chain grabs me by my hand.
And leads to me my lonesome apartment.
And I find you waiting online.
Eager to hear how was my day.
I tell you how I so much wanted to go astray
Because I am missing the human touch.
You understand all of it.
And cry more and not say much.

Night passes into another day.
We go on talking this way.
Trying to forge connections through an optical fiber.
When all I want to do is lie down beside her.
This goes on till we both can stretch.
Then one day I press the button disconnect.
And walk away as far as possible
To know what has been gnawing at my heart.
Can I live without her in the real?


Nitin K Gupta said...

so true to modern times ;-)
some can relate more to it than others :)

Witness said...

well..everything is illuminated.:)

Supss said...

Love in the digital age!

Witness said...

bingo Supriya:)