Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I. S.H.A.L.L. N.O.T.

I shall not give up my faith,
Even if He closes all of heavens' gates.
I shall not give up my fight,
Even if He shines no shining light.
I shall not surrender,
Even if He tears me asunder.
I shall not sell my soul,
Even if He offers all.
I shall not shy from pain,
Even if all my efforts are in vain.
I shall not sit and cry,
No matter how hard He tries.
I shall not stop believing in love that's pure,
Though a thousand times my pleas He may ignore.
I shall not give up on winning,
Even if all my hopes are thinning.
I shall not go down without a fight,
Even if I run out of all my might.
I know the path is lost, and courage left is naught.
And even though His sharp blade is cutting into my throat,
Right till the moment I can stand on my feet,
I shall not; I shall not accept any defeat.

(Inspired by Invictus and bullshit.)


zubin said...

Awesome...U do manage to put your point across wonderfully well.. And this was pretty brilliant. Felt like reading one of those "Pageant of Poems" poems back in school.:)

Witness said...

Thx Zubin:)oh yeah flights of fantasy!

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Witness said...

Thx Lydia:)appreciated!

Witness said...

Thx Liz:)

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Witness said...

Glad u could connect Diabolic:)

ilario said...

World needs dreamers ... and good feelings ;-)
A traveller

Witness said...

Very true Ilario:)

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