Monday, April 20, 2009

W.I.L.L. Y.O.U. R.O.M.E.O.?

Yes the same old game again.
Drops of rain, against window panes.
Naked souls dancing to love refrain,
Fighting hate with love again.

Seasons come and people go,
Yet every one seems to know.
The script you wrote long time back,
Starts afresh with new actors in tow.

Yet everyone takes the same old way,
No one dares to change the play.
What happened then, happens again,
No mortal dares to go astray.

We too have made the same mistakes,
After declaring their paths we won’t take.
Yet in spite of being a part of the common clan,
We both know there's more we can take.

And hence before time catches up with us,
And all our dreams are eaten by mold,
Tell me if you are ready to be taken?
Albeit this time, in a different mode.

So before I strike out alone from here,
In search of that elusive gold,
With love struck eyes, I seek your courage.
Tell me Romeo, will you walk my road?

(Inspired by Elegy.)


Neel said...

Long time! Nice One....

Mahuya said...

Always lovely to read your poems ...

I liked the way you ended it.

Witness said...

Thx Neel and Mahuya:)