Thursday, February 26, 2009


Feel sun kissed.
When your hair fall on my face.
Somewhere something completes.
When you lock me in your embrace.
Touched by a gentle breeze,
When your fingers run lightly over me.
Hands that melt every pore,
When they are discovering me.
Lips that make me feel like wine,
With mysterious passions your eyes shine.
I become clay,
As you make your way,
And all desires turn into fires,
As we go higher, higher, and higher.
Quivering, trembling, shaking, and breaking,
Love transforms into a chaotic undertaking.
And when all passions are put to rest,
And we lie rested like all has been done,
You look at me and tingle my tired soul,
I smile the smile that knows it well-the passion play has just begun.

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