Wednesday, November 26, 2008

H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. N.E.E.L.

Like the colors of a rainbow,
light up the sky that's been washed after rains.
You light up my heart Neel,
and drive it more insane.
You are my ticket to madness,
To a glowing life of extraordinariness.
With you I cant be just another brick in the wall,
With you I am a cannon ball on roll.
When you walk in my life,
You turn it upside down.
When I am in my deepest throes of woe,
You are the santa singing Ho! Ho! Ho!
You kick me in my guts.
You smack me on my butts.
You wake me up in full morning light,
And then flash that electrifying smile.
You take me on a bicycle to a five star,
And then you tell me that's your style.
You mock me, sock me,gag me,rag me,
In drunken face book pictures you tag me.
You hold me tight when I am feeling cold,
You praise my hoarse voice and make me bold.
Sometimes you dance me, romance me, put me to bed,
Most of the times you look at me and shake your head.
You treasure me on weekends,
And provide me with bread.
Somethings between us,
Are better left unsaid.
But there's one thing,
I want to say today.
If you goto hell,
Which you most probably will,
I will follow you in every way,
And together we will keep the devil at bay.
But in case they decide to send me to heaven,
The chances of which are ten on seven,
Trust me I am not taking that way.
I will be your knight in shining armour,
And will come on a white horse to rescue from wordly baits.
Oh and since today is your birthday,
On the way we will pick up whiskey crates!!
And then we will laugh at the lords of hell and heaven,
Who tried to put up a brave fight.
But try as they may, with all their might,
We are drinking the night away,
And always holding each other tight.